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posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cedar Valley House Concerts hosts and friends: Darice, Anize, Janna and Kelly
Cedar Valley House Concerts' hosts and friends: Darice, Anize, Janna and Kelly 

With the wide availability of free music streaming today it has never been easier to fill your hours with background music, but some of us believe there’s more to music than the recording. In some cultures around the world, it is understood that buying a recording is like buying a photograph of a person: not the real thing, but a representation of it. Anyone who searches for live albums of their favorite bands knows this, that what happens in between—and during—songs at a live performance gets them closer to the heart of the music and the musician.

One group helping to bring more live music into our area is Cedar Valley House Concerts. A co-op of 6-7 homeowners in the area has been opening their homes to touring and local musicians for eight years now, and they have drawn musicians from all over the US and abroad. If you’ve never heard of one before, a house concert is a small- to medium-sized gathering where a musician or band plays acoustically in a local house. There is usually a donation at the door, which Cedar Valley House Concerts gives “100% always to the artists.” The max capacity for the host homes of Cedar Valley House Concerts is 42 people.

Lewis Knudsen performs at Cedar Valley House Concerts April 29, 2017
Lewis Knudsen performs April 29, 2017

There are many reasons house concerts benefit both artists and communities. It allows touring musicians to fill out their tours with a show every night, and it connects them with a potential fan base in a new location. The casual, intimate setting of house concerts also builds a community of music lovers in the locale as well. At CVHC, guests are welcomed to bring their favorite drink and a side dish to share, reinforcing the family affair these concerts truly are.

Darice is the ringleader of these crusaders for the arts, and she and the other cohosts handpick all of the artists. Local and Midwestern musicians made CVHC their home-for-the-night, and the word got around quickly. Darice says “Word of mouth has spread between artists and the music community on the east and west coast and local artists so we get a lot of inquiries now as well to choose from.” In the past, CVHC has also hosted international musicians like Sofia Talvik (Sweden) and Declan O’Rourke (Ireland).

Ari Hest performs at Cedar Valley House Concerts May 18, 2017
Ari Hest performs May 18, 2017

House concerts are often referred to as the “bread and butter” of independent musicians; not only does the cover and any CD sales go 100% to the artists, they are also given a place to stay for the night and delicious Midwestern cooking. What the musicians give in return is a unique experience, a sharing of their stories and their heart with those gathered to listen.

You can see the schedule of upcoming shows at Cedar Valley House Concerts. They have just released their list of concerts for spring. Or, follow them on instagram and twitter.

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Thank you to Cedar Valley House Concerts for the use of their photos and to our guest blogger, Hannah Carr-Murphy.

Brother Trucker performed March 25, 2017
Cedar Valley House Concerts hosts a variety of artists including Brother Trucker. They performed March 25, 2017



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