Just Ann

Oster Regent Theatre (

Thursday thru Satuday shows at 7:30pm; Sunday show at 2pm.

A new musical written by UNI’s Cynthia Goatley & Rebecca Burkhardt,
directed by Mitra Sadeghpour
Regent Studio Sampler Series: August 10, 11, 12, 13, 2017
This premier production featuring the former Texas Governor Ann Richards reveals a dynamic, larger than life
personality. Governor Richards was a recovering alcoholic who was always willing to support others on the
path to recovery. At her death, a friend said “She was a legendary campfire cook, a beautiful ballroom dancer,
she loved movies, was a bossy momma, just as good at at-the-moment quips as at telling great stories, a
reluctant hunter, a great laugher, fine canoeist, former drunk, and first woman governor of Texas to get there on
her own credentials.” Come experience her life of tenacious determination through song and story.
“A new musical full of upbeat songs and poignant ballads” – Kristin Teig Torres, actress