Twentieth Century

Oster Regent Theatre (

Thursday thru Satuday shows at 7:30pm; Sunday show at 2pm.

Based on a play by Ben Hecht & Charles Bruce Milholland, adapted by Ken Ludwig, a screwball comedy directed by Gary Baumgartner
October 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 2017 - No Friday show.
Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche starred on Broadway in this adaptation of the classic 1934 movie with all the
essential ingredients of the screwball – a dizzy dame, a charming but befuddled hero, dazzling dialogue and a
dash of slapstick. Bankrupt, with his career on a downslide, egomaniacal Broadway director Oscar Jaffe boards the Twentieth Century Limited and encounters his former discovery and ex-chorus girl Lily Garland, now atemperamental Hollywood star on the train between NY and Chicago. He pulls out all the stops in persuading her to return to Broadway in his upcoming show. Pull out your “laughter” stops for this revival of an hilarious romp on rails.
"A thrilling funhouse ride!" - The New Yorker "Hilarious." - N.Y. Post