ARTapalooza is an Art Experience

posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ARTapalooza 2016 is September 10 in downtown Cedar Falls

Let us paint you a picture. Imagine you are strolling down the brick sidewalk of downtown Cedar Falls on a beautiful, sunny September day. A slight breeze carries the soft strains of a lovely melody to your ears. Excited children show off their newly painted faces to their parents. And there is art everywhere; on the streets, on the sidewalks, under tents, and in store windows. Art is even being created right before your eyes. This quaint scene is actually not a picture at all; it’s a real-life celebration of the arts on Main Street in downtown Cedar Falls.

Community Main Street proudly hosts ARTapalooza on Main, an outdoor festival of the arts, each year on the first Saturday after Labor Day. Talented artists from all over Iowa apply to be part of this prestigious art show and about a quarter of them are from right here in the Cedar Valley. A variety of artwork is featured in the show, including ceramics, paintings, metal sculptures, fiber, jewelry, photography, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media, among others. That makes ARTapalooza the perfect place to find a great new canvas for your wall, a statement jewelry piece or a unique sculpture for your end table!

ARTapalooza 2016 is September 10 in downtown Cedar Falls

ARTapalooza is more than just a showcase of fine art. It’s an interactive art experience! Community Main Street partners with the Hearst Center for the Arts to provide free art activities for children. There’s face painting, q-tip pointallism, free drawing opportunities and more! Some of the downtown businesses, including World’s Window and Hatchlings and Hens, will also be providing free art activities. And you can even create your own canvas masterpiece with a special step-by-step painting activity at Cedar Valley Art & Wine!

ARTapalooza 2016 is September 10 in downtown Cedar Falls

Each year, Community Main Street also likes to add something new to the show. In 2016, we are excited to announce we’ve partnered with the Youth Art Team to create a collaborative masterpiece on the street! Student artists from right here in the Cedar Valley will be working at the intersection of 3rd and Main to create a mural using chalk. The public is invited to participate as well! If your appreciation of the arts stems more from an observation standpoint, be sure to stroll down to the intersection of 2nd and Main where professional street chalk artist, Kathleen Roling, will be returning to ARTapalooza again this year to create another beautiful masterpiece! Our friends from the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center are bringing their 360 photo booth too! Strike a pose and they’ll take a photo of you from every angle and email it straight to your phone so you can show your friends how much fun you are having at ARTapalooza!

ARTapalooza 2016 is September 10 in downtown Cedar Falls

ARTapalooza is a showcase of more than just decorative art. We also feature a wide range of local musicians! Linger at Cup of Joe or a the corner of 4th and Main to hear a variety of musicians throughout the day including the Cedar Falls High School Jazz band, the UNI Suzuki School of Music, the UNI Jazz Ensemble and a variety of musicians from the Cedar Valley Acoustic Guitar Association.

That’s a lot of activities to pack into one day! But these days, the world of art is truly limitless and we have lots of amazing local artistic talent that we want to show off! So make plans to experience the art at ARTapalooza on Main in downtown Cedar Falls.

For more information, please visit www.communitymainstreet.org.

If you'd like to make ARTapalooza part of a weekend getaway, we invite you to contact the Cedar Falls Visitor Center at 319-268-4266 (800-845-1955) or visit Places to Stay, Places to Eat & Drink and Things to Do and put together your own weekend itinerary using our Travel Pack

Guest blog post by Emily Yaddof of Community Main Street, Cedar Falls.

All photos are courtesy Cedar Falls Community Main Street.

ARTapalooza 2016 is September 10 in downtown Cedar Falls

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