Lampost Theatre presents: The Chimes

Lampost Theatre Co. (

The Chimes – a musical inspired by the forgotten Dickens Christmas story.

Journey back to 19th Century London, and follow the exploits of Trotty Veck, a poor man with a heart of gold. His encounters with the politicians, nobility, and riffraff of the city range from hilarious to heartwarming, with a cast of colorful characters only Dickens could create. Hounded by headlines that sound strangely like our own, Trotty’s only fault is that he’s losing hope in the midst of hard times. Can he be restored to joy in time for Christmas? It’s a situation that calls for the mysterious and otherworldly exploits characteristic of any Charles Dickens Christmas!

Come enjoy this uplifting musical comedy filled with the heart of Christmas and a message so timely it echoes today’s headlines. Lampost’s original musical written and composed by director Jeff Hanson.This production will run Dec. 2-4, 9-11, and 16-18. The Friday and Saturday night shows will begin at 7 pm. The Sunday performances are matinees and will begin at 2:30 pm.