Trio Con Brio Copenhagen


Founded in Vienna in 1999 with the concept of pairs coming together, the two Korean sisters and
Soo-Kyung and Jens (who is married to Soo-Kyung) have since then been exploring the piano trio
repertoire with freshness and curiosity as well as with respect and reflection. In particular they have
been gaining a reputation for the freshness of their approach to the core repertoire: "works by
Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms are transformed in their hands into the alive-and-kicking music of
today" - Esben Tange, editor at DR P2. The trio's sound benefits from the superb instruments all three
play: Soo-Jin plays a violin built by Andrea Guarneri from the 17th century, Soo-Kyung plays a Grancino
cello, and Jens is Denmark's first Steinway Artist. Trio con Brio Copenhagen is in great international
demand and has an intensive worldwide touring schedule. We are pleased to bring them to the
Gallagher Bluedorn for an intimate on-stage experience.

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