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posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lark Brewing in Waterloo, Iowa

In case you’ve missed the buzz, craft beer is being served up throughout the Cedar Valley and new breweries are preparing to open in Cedar Falls and Waterloo this winter and spring.

So what, exactly, is the buzz? Americans are embracing the innovative and full flavors of beer brewed by small-batch brewers. Every brewery has its own style; no craft beer is exactly the same. Brewing beer in small batches allows a brewer to experiment with new styles and flavors. Have you heard of a kettle-soured beer, a bacon ale or jalapeno pilsner? Granted, these are unusual flavors, but it’s this kind of flexibility that makes craft breweries interesting and popular.  

So what’s new in brew in the Cedar Valley? We’re glad you asked.

Lark Brewing

Things are hoppin’ at Lark Brewing in Waterloo. They’re the newest brewery to open in the Cedar Valley and they serve up their own craft beer creations, infusions and barrel aged beer. In January, they launched their Crowler Club Card. What’s a crowler? Instead of taking home a glass growler, take home an aluminum crowler. Crowlers are portable, easy to pour and they’re small (generally 32 ounces). In March, Lark Brewing also became a Certified Green Brewery. We encourage you to follow Lark’s Facebook page to stay up to date on what they’ll introduce next!


SingleSpeed Brewing Co. in Cedar Falls, Iowa

SingleSpeed Brewing Co.

Perhaps you’ve heard about SingleSpeed’s expansion? We thought so. They’re preparing their Waterloo taproom and brewery at the former Wonder Bread factory in Waterloo and we can hardly wait to see what they’ll offer! But that’s not the only exciting news about SingleSpeed Brewing Co. At this moment, they are launching their beer outside the Cedar Valley; folks in Des Moines can now find SingleSpeed beer at the Iowa Tap Room and El Bait Shop. In February, SingleSpeed also introduced their beer to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids patrons. As for us local folks, we’ll continue to enjoy glasses of their craft beer at their Cedar Falls location and look forward to the new atmosphere at their Wonder Bread location this spring.


Second State Brewing in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Second State Brewing Co.

203 State Street in Cedar Falls is now the home of Second State Brewing Co. Owner Nick Newgard was a home brewer for years and now he’s opened a bar and tap room just around the corner from SingleSpeed Brewing Co. Second State Brewing’s style is different than SingleSpeed. According to an article written by the Waterloo Courier in November, the new place will have an industrial feel and Second State’s beer will be malty and darker, quite different from popular IPAs. Second State Brewing Co. is set to open March 24, 2017. Keep an eye out for updates and details on their Facebook page.


Hops on Main in 2017 will be April 6 in downtown Cedar Falls


Hops on Main
Place: downtown Cedar Falls at participating establishments
Time: April 6, 2017 (5:30pm – 9pm)

This is a premier craft beer sampling event! More than 50 craft breweries make Iowa their home and this event will allow you try what a few of them have to offer. Tickets go on sale March 1 and they always sell out fast so be sure to mark your calendar. Pick and pick up your glass and passport before sampling beer at select downtown bars and restaurants. A list of stops in downtown will be made available to ticket holders the day of the event.

Aloha Cedar Falls
Place: downtown Cedar Falls
Time: February 1-23 (deals on Kona beers)

Kona Brewing Company is sponsoring special deals on Kona brews at participating merchants in downtown Cedar Falls check out their Facebook event to find out more about Kona passports and how to enter their weekly drawings!  

To find a list of breweries located in the Cedar Valley, visit Breweries on our website. And, be sure to check back often to our Facebook page as we’ll post updates as we hear about them. And, if the Cedar Falls Visitor Center can help you find Places to Eat & Drink, places to shop or Places to Stay, just give us a call at 319-268-4266 (800-845-1955) or stop in and see us at 6510 Hudson Road.

We’d be happy to help!

SingleSpeed Brewing Co. in Cedar Falls, Iowa

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