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UNI TC Mascot

The Original

University of Northern Iowa
Mascot Location | UNI Bookstore
1009 W 23rd St, Cedar Falls

The original TC statue made its debut in the UNI Bookstore in 2018, providing visitors with a chance to catch a glimpse of TC at any time. Serving as a favored spot for photos, the statue held a prominent position within the Bookstore until 2023. It then relocated to the university’s Admissions Welcome Center, extending warm greetings to prospective students and their families during campus visits throughout the year. Now, for the duration of Panthers on Parade, OG TC has returned to the UNI Bookstore.

In addition to its year-round residency on campus, the original statue also makes a trek to the Iowa State Fair each year to welcome visitors to the University of Northern Iowa booth. Each year, thousands of alumni, students, friends and fans stop to get a photo with TC while they visit the fair.


UNI University of Northern Iowa

University of Northern Iowa

Mascot Location: UNI Bookstore
1009 W 23rd Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50614


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