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By Rose Smith
Sponsored by College Hill Partnership
2205 College St., Cedar Falls

Materials Used

Mural paint and UV paint markers. Rose notes that "there is a dream for having lights installed at a later date!"

The Design (in the Artist's words)

"The now out-of-vogue subculture of 'vaporwave' carried the aesthetic and informed color choices of the piece. While originating from music, it has evolved its own visual language distinct from other subcultures and aesthetic themes. With vaporwave, we harken back to what we perceive to be a better time, longing for a version of the past that never existed. It’s an alluring nostalgia. A living dream we all share. A mass hallucination."

About the Artist

Rose spent three years earning a BFA in Painting from UNI. During her time there, Rose was actively involved in various activities, including the improv team, Rodcon, and the Women's chorus, where Rose found plenty of enjoyment. Hailing from Eagle Grove, Rose also spent time in Fort Dodge, where she earned her AA in Visual Arts. Rose has contributed to several public works in these areas.

Driven by a desire to merge concept and form, Rose seeks to explore solutions to the ethical dilemmas posed by our materialistic society. Rose's interest in participating in Panthers on Parade stems from her fascination with the ideas of destruction and discovery of form. Rose relishes the challenge of reshaping preset shapes and visuals into something entirely new and different, embodying the concepts of transformation and decoration in art.

Rose is open to receiving requests for projects, and can be reached at:

Instagram: @RayDayParade | @A.ray.of.roses


College Hill Partnership

College Hill Partnership

2205 College St., Cedar Falls


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