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Here Comes Martin

"Here Comes Martin!"

By Casey Slack
Sponsored by Martin Bros. Distributing
408 Viking Rd., Cedar Falls

Materials Used

Rattle can paint, acrylic tagging markers, pin-striping brushes, tape and patience.

The Design (in the Artist's words)

"I did my concept drawings at the Octopus the day before it was due, I knew what I was going to do and I didn't feel like I needed to work on it until I sifted thru the ideas in my head -- I have a loose and organic process within my fine art. After being selected by Martin Bros, I honed-in a few concepts like Martin Bros' drop-sites, and I wished to honor John Martin, who played basketball for UNI in 1970. Additionally, I knew I would hide a few Martin Bros "easter eggs" into the design."

About the Artist

Casey graduated from the Department of Art at UNI and subsequently taught there for five years. As a visual artist, Casey is devoted to movements such as Dada, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art, delving into their concepts, techniques, and histories.

Raised in Blue Grass, Iowa, Casey hails from a family of artists and musicians, settling in the Cedar Valley since 1995. Before attending UNI, Casey apprenticed under his father in various shop disciplines, continuing to seek out mentors throughout life, particularly in areas of interest like design, drawing, painting, pin-striping, tagging, sculpture, and automotive customizations. Casey's passion for art research knows no bounds.

Casey's artistic methodology heavily relies on surrealist techniques, particularly Automatic Drawing, to initiate artworks. By employing a stream of conscious creative method and juxtaposing physics and biological mechanisms, Casey's creations take on the form of "organic surrealism." Often resembling nonsensical schematic drawings, each surrealist glyph in Casey's art language holds a special name, too numerous to list.

Frequenting area coffee shops, Casey can typically be found drawing every morning, easily accessible to those seeking conversation or collaboration. Painting a TC Mascot was on Casey's bucket list!

Casey is open to receiving requests for projects and can be reached at: 

email: cslack@martinbros.com

(or an area coffee shop!)


Martin Brothers Distributing

Martin Bros. Distributing
408 Viking Rd.
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613


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