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By Bret Miller
Sponsored by GreenState Credit Union
3409 Cedar Heights Dr., Cedar Falls

Materials Used

Montana Gold spray paint and painter's tape. When it came time to do the logo, Bret notes that he "projected it on masking tape adhered to the sculpture, and cut away the tape from areas the paint needed to go with an X-ACTO knife."

The Design (in the Artist's words)

"To have fun"

About the Artist

Bret, a self-taught artist based in Waterloo, Iowa, graduated from UNI in December of 1999, where he met his wife, also a UNI grad, with whom he married on April 3rd, 2004. Transitioning into professional artwork production in 2007, Bret began showcasing his work in galleries and various other venues. His primary medium is stencil and spray paint, where he strives for extra crisp lines and realistic portraiture.

Bret's artistic journey has led him to complete murals and numerous other public art projects in the Cedar Valley. His interest in participating in Panthers on Parade stems from the simple allure of the opportunity and challenge it presents.

To see more of his work, search for "Bret Miller Art Waterloo Iowa"

Bret is open to requests for additional projects and can be reached at:

Instagram: @bretmillersart

Facebook: Bret Miller


GreenState Credit Union

GreenState Credit Union
3409 Cedar Heights Dr., Cedar Falls


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