posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Escape! | Escapology in Cedar Falls

Arizona Shootout at Escapology

Are you competitive? Put your family and friends to the test in an escape room. In an escape room, you and your teammates have to work together to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in a “locked” room before time runs out (typically in an hour).

At Escapology in Cedar Falls, you can choose from four themed escape rooms. Currently, those include Arizona Shootout (stop the outlaws before they escape to Mexico), Antidote (find the antidote and save the world), TH3 C0D3 (you’ve been framed for the biggest crime in American history) and Mansion Murder (failure means a life behind bars).  

We visited with Escapology and asked them to explain a little more about escape rooms and why they're a fun source of entertainment:

Why do people enjoy participating?

Escape rooms are fun and challenging. Every group member has different strengths and perspectives that help the group escape from a room. You never know what to expect, there are always surprises and fun puzzles to solve. Escape rooms provide a sense of teamwork and offer new ways to connect.

What should a visitor expect?

When you arrive for an escape room experience, you will want to arrive a little early to fill out waivers (and use the restroom). At Escapology, you can also purchase drinks from their bar (soda, beer or wine) before entering. When it’s time to enter, your team will be given instructions, you’ll watch a story video and then your countdown will begin.

How many people should be on a team?

Team size can vary greatly. For most escape rooms, a group of 2-8 people is allowed. Most companies recommend a group of 4-6 people for the best game experience. There are some groups who always play together and they can’t wait for each new room to open.

How often do game rooms change?

Escapology is a franchise so their games and designs come from their corporate office. When Escapology chooses a game, the Cedar Falls team purchases or creates the props as well as the floor plan of the room. 

What if someone is new to escape rooms?

Ask the company if they have a dedicated event guide to watch your team by video and provide clues and guidance as needed. Games may also have different levels of difficulty.


Escapology is located at 2518 Melrose Drive in Cedar Falls and can be reached at 319-553-3066. Information can also be found by visiting their Facebook page.

In regards to COVID-19 precautions, Escapology is requiring all guests to wear masks and gloves while participating. Booking times have also been spread out, allowing their staff time to thoroughly clean each room between groups. Their bathrooms and lobby are also cleaned every hour and photo props are limited and cleaned after each use. 

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Escape! | Escape rooms in the Cedar Valley

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