May is STILL Bike Month

posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

May is STILL Bike Month - 2020

May 2020 is STILL National Bike Month, even during a pandemic. The League of American Bicyclists is celebrating by encouraging everyone to participate in the National Bike Challenge, a self-motivated pursuit of biking for transportation and recreation. During this year’s National Bike Month we’re going to focus on riding “there” whether “there” is to the grocer or on the trails just for fun.

That being said, the Cedar Valley Trails are beautiful this time of year with trees budding and wildflowers awakening, reducing anxiety and restoring the soul. With more than 100 miles of paved, soft and water trails, Cedar Falls is well known as a bicycle-friendly community.

While enjoying the trails, practicing social distancing is important to staying healthy. Some key steps are to:

  • Employ the ABCs of Biking: Always check tires, brakes, and chain for safety before riding.
  • Plan your ride and avoid traveling on crowded trails, keeping a distance between you and others is critical.
  • Slow down when approaching someone from behind. Verbally let them know you are passing on the left, maintaining at least three feet or more as you pass by them.
  • Bring hand sanitizer or wipes along to clean your hands or fingers if wearing cycling gloves.
  • Cover water bottles transported on the frame of the bike with plastic or use a sanitary wipe to clean the cap and nipple surface before taking a sip.
  • Stay three bike lengths (or 15 to 20 feet) apart when riding in groups of 10 or less.
  • Wipe down your bike after arriving at your final destination and then wash your hands and cycling gloves.

Bike riding provides a refreshing change of scenery! Whether you want to ride an hour, or all day, our trails are open and waiting to be enjoyed. What better way to get rid of your pandemic blues…ditch the car…ride your bike!

Need a trail guide? Request a Trail Guide HERE or view the PDF HERE

Would you like to find more Things to Do while you’re in Cedar Falls? Contact the Cedar Falls Visitor Center at 800-845-1955 or stop in and pick up a Trail Guide and Visitor Guide from the vestibule at 6510 Hudson Road. 

We’d be happy to help!

May is STILL Bike Month - 2020

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