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posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Public Art Dream House

Dream House installed August 2022.

The “allure” of Cedar Falls includes “epic” sculptures that “nest” “amongst” downtown district buildings, wildflowers and formal gardens. We couldn’t resist using a few names of the more than 20 sculptures that dot our landscape. They are a reflection of our vibrant and welcoming community.   

Here's a route to enjoy most of the sculptures on a driving tour:

As you enter the city from the south on Hudson Road, you’ll be greeted by the Horse and Rider at the Cedar Falls Visitor Center. It’s a popular photo op stop in every season. (6510 Hudson Road)

Continue north and east and discover the gardens at the Hearst Center for the Arts nestled along Cedar Valley Trails and home to eight sculptures including Whisk, the center’s first sculpture to be installed. The stainless steel sculpture sits near the entrance and includes a verse from James Hearst’s poem, “Spring Fever.” Additional sculptures in the gardens include Nestled, North Is Up, Eclipse #5, Hurricane, Temporal Dialogue, JT-3 Rotation and Amongst. (304 W. Seerley Blvd.)

Further north, and across the street from the Veteran’s Memorial Park, is Cedar Falls Utilities. Outside their entrance you’ll find the eye-catching Double Helix and Standing Stone.  (E. 14th Street and Waterloo Road)

Just a few blocks away, in the Cedar Falls Downtown District, you’ll find ten more sculptures tucked along Main Street. The newest sculpture, Dream House, is located at River Place Plaza at 2nd & State Street. Drop Leaf Chicken is a whimsical sculpture that sits outside the Cedar Falls Public Library. Sinuate, Ebb Tide, Allure, Tilt Shift, It’s All Relative and Showtime are part of the district’s landscaped seating, giving shoppers a rest between shops. On 1st Street, near the Ice House Museum, you’ll find Epic, a large structure representing “an endless river rushing against a timeless earth.” At 1st and Main Streets, in Peter Melendy Park, the iconic Gateway to the Trails sculpture is an impressive 18 feet tall and greets visitors to the district and those enjoying Cedar Valley Trails.  

Pick up carryout from your favorite restaurant and enjoy a drive or walking tour of public art. And, don’t forget your camera!

Sculptures are funded in part by community members and hotel motel tax. To see photos and a list of artists and descriptions, click HERE.  

Nestled at the Hearst Center for the Arts
Public Art Tour - Nestled at the Hearst Center for the Arts

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