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posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stone Feather Road opened in December 2016 in downtown Cedar Falls

(Stone Feather Road located in downtown Cedar Falls)

You don’t have to drive far to see new construction and new businesses popping up in Cedar Falls. Downtown, there are new apartment complexes and storefronts and in and around industrial park you’ll find a new Hobby Lobby, Pet Supplies Plus and Home Goods (arriving this spring).  

The growth is exciting and we’d like to share with you what will be new on the scene this winter and spring.

Stone Feather Road

Stone Feather Road opened in December and their unique cuffs, bags and rugs will instantly catch your eye. Owner Paula Lorenz has sold her handmade pieces at juried art shows across the country including ARTapalooza held in downtown Cedar Falls. And now, she offers her designs locally at 218 Main Street. Stone Feather Road's style is a mix of Mountain Home Living, the West and the Southwest. We hear their grand opening celebration will be March 30.


Cottonwood Canyon "The House" in downtown Cedar Falls

Cottonwood Canyon “The House”

Cottonwood Canyon "The House" is now open! This popular coffee shop is conveniently located at 419 Washington Street near Fig & Frolic and Ivy Trellis in Cedar Falls. That means you can grab a cup of coffee and shop downtown! But Cottonwood Canyon is more than a coffee shop. They serve pastries, sandwiches and bags of freshly roasted coffee. “Don’t worry. Be happy!”

Urban Pie is located in downtown Cedar Falls...fast-fired, Neapolitan style pizza!
Urban Pie

This isn’t just any pizza joint. Urban Pie, located at 200 State Street, will have a casual, urban atmosphere where pizza will be fast-fired in custom ovens. They’ll also have a full bar serving craft beer, wine and spirits. Recently, the Waterloo Courier featured Urban Pie in an article that interviewed owner, Justin Buck.  Buck explained that they’ll serve Neapolitan style pizza; the crust has undergone a “curing or fermentation process.” Urban Pie will open FEBRUARY 14, 2017!


Second State Brewing Co. in downtown Cedar Falls

Second State Brewing Co.

Just across the street from Urban Pie at 203 State Street is Second State Brewing. Owner Nick Newgard was a home brewer for years and now he'll open a bar and tap room just around the corner from SingleSpeed Brewing Co. Second State Brewing’s style is different than SingleSpeed's. According to an article written by the Waterloo Courier in November, the new place will have an industrial feel and Second State’s beer will be malty and darker, quite different from popular IPAs. Second State Brewing is aiming to open in mid-March so keep an eye out for updates on their Facebook page

Milkbox Bakery

Milkbox Bakery is setting up shop on College Hill at 2223 College Street. With plans to open late this winter, Milkbox will be one of those places your car will naturally drive to. Who will be able to resist handmade, fresh-baked honey-wheat sandwich bread, chocolate croissants, brioche rolls or artisan pastries like pear galettes, palmiers and raspberry Danishes? We’re not sure what Milkbox will serve when they open, but we invite you to visit their Facebook page and view all the wonderful breads and pastries they roll out for Hansen’s Dairy Outlet on 18th Street in Cedar Falls. Yes. You can buy their fresh baked breads at the outlet store.   

Wilbo Burgers Brats & Beers

No date has been set yet for the opening of Wilbo Burgers, Brats & Beers at 118 Main Street in Cedar Falls. Owners Mimi Rice and Dave Farris will first renovate the exterior and interior space, turning the location into a restaurant instead of a bar. We look forward to seeing the progress!  

Tea Cellar located in downtown Cedar Falls...enjoy a pastry with your cup of tea!

(Tea Cellar located in downtown Cedar Falls)

You may be surprised at how many businesses have opened recently. Little Bigs on College Street, Lark Brewing in Waterloo and Primo and the Tea Cellar in downtown Cedar Falls all opened this fall. Speaking of downtown, did you know that The Landmark moved to 107 Main Street next to the Oster Regent Theatre and that Toads is remodeling and will reopen late this winter with a new concept?

There are great things happening in Cedar Falls and we hope you check out our many shopping directories, Places to Eat & Drink and Upcoming Events on our website! If have questions, stop in and see us at the Cedar Falls Visitor Center at 6510 Hudson Road or give us a call at 319-268-4266 (800-845-1955).  

Stay tuned! We’ll be sure to post updates to our Facebook page, too.  

Lark Brewing in Waterloo, located below Beck's Taproom Grill.

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