Black Hawk County Barn Quilts

Itinerary | Black Hawk County Barn Quilts | Cedar Falls, Iowa

Black Hawk County Barn Quilt Tour

Little else is as nostalgic as a handmade quilt, especially one lovingly created by a relative. It’s this charm and history that make our barn quilt tour so popular. This is a driving tour, so buckle up, grab a snack and get ready to drive the scenic byways of Black Hawk County. The entire driving tour takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Morning Drive

Stop by the Cedar Falls Visitor Center at 6510 Hudson Road and pick up a copy of our Barn Quilts of Black Hawk County brochure. The brochure will guide you. Or, visit our Barn Quilts of Black Hawk County webpage and print the turn-by-turn directions for western and for eastern Black Hawk County. After visiting this page, you may want to choose the barns you’d like to visit and create your own itinerary.

Lunch Break

After a morning on the road, make Barn Happy the final stop of your tour. Not only are they on the Barn Quilt Tour, they serve lunch! After lunch, stroll their shop of handmade and Iowa products or visit the upper level of their barn and shop for vintage and antique items.

Afternoon Shopping

Refreshed and ready to go, head out to find supplies to make your own quilt! Crazy to Quilt can help you with your quilting needs or visit any of our local craft supply stores to find fun items for your next project. 

Visit our Trip Planner and learn to create an itinerary of your own using the Travel Pack. Have questions or need assistance? Just Contact Us. We'd be happy to help.

As always, things change. Be sure to check with all attractions and stores to be sure they're open on the days you'd like to visit.